• Tenacious Testimonial
    I wanted to have a custom “dream bike” built and researched a lot of builders. I found Dave Dupor of DD customs and felt a good connection with Dave. I described the custom Chopper/Bagger I wanted built. Dave had an open mind and most importantly the mechanical ability to take my ideas and run with them. He created a custom show bike that is as well balanced and rides as good (or better) than any motorcycle I have ever owned! The design of the bike is out of the box and very unique. It is a true “head turner”. When I look to build my next bike DD Customs is it! Steve Mills
  • PTE ZX-14 Testimonial
    I spent several years searching online and in magazines trying to find parts and a company that could match the vision I had for my bike. Once I walked into Dave’s shop and receiving the attention and customer service that was nothing less than outstanding. I knew then it was time to start creating my beast ZX14. Dave is a true professional and perfectionist when it comes to creating a bike that can get 1st place in any bike show and you can ride everyday. I have the Baddest ZX14 on the planet! From drop off to pickup, Dave was prompt and on point about everything. I highly recommend DD Custom Cycle to anyone that has a dream waiting to come true. Dave has become a good friend and has continued to address any questions and concerns that I have. Any bike that I purchase will come from or go through Dave before hitting the street. Steve, DJ Stylz
  • Hot Rod Testimonial
    My experience with Dave Dupor was truly exceptional. Dave exceeded my expectations in every aspect of the process. He created a custom bike, that in every sense of the word is superb and truly a work of art. He kept me completely involved in the process involving every detail, from start to finish. The craftsmanship he posses is reflected in his work and is a rare talent. I highly recommend DD Custom to anyone who wants exceptional service, excellent communication and superior craftsmanship. Dave went above and beyond in so many ways that I can’t thank him enough for such an extraordinary bike! Mary Zorc-Liskey
  • Renegade Testimonial
    It has been an epic journey to get my bike built. Before meeting Dave Dupor, I went through 2 motorcycle dealerships (both are now out of business) and 2 custom builders. After 18 months, all I had was a rolling frame and many broken promises. When Dave agreed to take on the project, I sensed that things would be different, and they were. He did an outstanding job from start to finish. From design to fabrication and through assembly, his frequent updates and helpful suggestons made the process very satisfying. I highly recommend Dave to anyone looking for a custom builder. Doug Towle Barrington, Illiinois
  • Reaper Testimonial
    I came to Dave with a general idea of the type of bike I wanted, a budget and a lot to learn. I think he caught on that I was a controlfreak from the start which is a testament to his professionalism and his genuine concern and desire to please his customers. Every step along the way he kept me informed and always made sure it was what I wanted. When I finally gave up the control thing and just told him go ahead and do what you think would look good it was exactly what I wanted anyway! What I got was an idea that went from my head to a creation that is pure beast! Which is what I wanted. Like many things along the way I stumbled upon greatness. I have seen what else is out there and I still ask myself how did I get so lucky to get one of the premier builders after one phone call. The people I have talked to in the industry all speak highly of Dave’s talents, character, and integrity. Plus the guy just busts his ass! Thanks Dave for making a lifelong dream come true and keep building people’s dreams. Joe Burdi