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Product Description: The best solution to make that stock huge Roadglide fairing look proportionate to the rest of the bike. This precisely machined billet block started out as a block of wood that was brought to life in CAD and became a reality in 2015. It lowers the fairing 1.65″, 2”or 3″ depending on your selection, and pushes it forward approximately 1″ for a more aggressive stance and much better looking bike with better visibility. Easy to install comes with hardware and notched to slide over your wire harness so NO harnesses are cut or disconnected at all.  THIS IS NOT DESIGNED FOR RAKED BIKES! Designed for stock neck or hhi x23 trees – NOT cut and raked.  This bracket keeps your headlight in the correct position when used for its original design.  THERE IS NO CUTTING OR ADJUSTMENTS OR ANY BOLTS THAT CAN COME LOOSE, 100% BOLT ON

The newer fairings are so structurally supportive and nothing like the old 13 and down fairings, the metal structure has gussets and is so much stronger and has no wiggle or movement so the crash bar mounts can be removed. The 1.65″ Bracket is designed to work with factory lower fairings as well. If your fairing has additional audio, amps, multiple speakers that add extra weight and you feel you need the additional support, I can provide the Yaffe Stealth Hidden Support Bar at and additional price.   Comes in Gloss black.

THE FENDER WILL NOT HIT THE TRIPLE TREE OR FAIRING with all 3 sizes under complete compression with stock fenders, 21″ wheel, 19″stock wheel size, 18×5.5 Native Fat Tire Fenders.  IF YOU have a custom application such as a fat 21, 23, custom fender or wheel size, etc…. that are NOT stock I recommend full mock up and test for bumpstops.

1.65″ is designed for bikes with LOWER FAIRINGS
2.0″ is designed for all bikes with NO LOWERS
3.0″ is designed for total SLAMMED look, NO LOWERS


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