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Product Description: The trademark of dave dupor’s builds. This system provides the rider with the cleanest handlebar setup on the market. Ghost bars mean all the cables (throttle) brake lines, and wires are all internal to the bar, providing a seamless clutter-free handlebar. The pain staking job of trying to run 10+ wires through the
Bars, along with hydraulic lines and throttle cables can take hours, this system will make it a plug and play modification. Softail models 1984-present requires hydraulic clutch master to eliminate the clutch cable and perch, as well as an internal throttle assembly. Sotail models 1984-2006 will require a 5 speed hydraulic trans door – starting at $250.00
Both softail and touring models 07 and later will require a cable to hydraulic trans door – pm 6 speed $350.00 wire extension kits, deutcsh plugs and all required fittings are separate
Ghost bars can be made from you choice of stock oem hd controls, aftermarket controls such as performance machine, or for the cleanest look even switchless.