DD Push Button Start – ON/OFF Kit -

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Product Description: The latest in custom parts being designed and built by Dave Dupor, the new Illuminated Push Button ON/OFF Illuminated Switch. Remove the bulky 1990’s Ignition assembly with this hot new clean look. Available in Chrome or black with all necessary step by step instructions, resistors, all relays, and connections are all complete for a true plug and play application. The fork lock will NO longer work. Ideal for bikes with a keybob / security systems that will not allow the bike to start even with the push button in the ON position. IF you do not have a key fob, you can always install a toggle switch wired in series to the ground wire located in a secret location that only you know where it is located to kill the power to the bike (not included in the kit). YOU STILL USE THE HANDLEBAR START BUTTON, etc…. this only turns all the power on for the bike.  You will ONLY have an ALL ON position now, you no longer have the ACC (Accessory position). This kit was designed as a “Custom” addition to your bike and is intended for “show or off road applications”

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